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Yoga To Go's Work is a Stretch (CD Rom)


Instead of a coffee break, take a stretching break and feel great.  Stuck in your office feeling tired and tense?  Now you can feel great right at your desk with the Work is a Stretch program.

All the exercises in the Work is a Stretch program are designed for you to do in your office. Exercises are done standing or sitting in a chair, and the program teaches you how to incorporate your desk into the program.  The exercises are simple, but have lasting effects.  And, if done over time, they will improve your flexibility, back strength and posture.


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Work is a Stretch is an entertaining stretching and breathing program that helps you:

     1) Relieve stress,

     2) Increase energy

     3) Enhance concentration

     4) Relieve back or neck tension, and

     5) Relieve headache and eye strain


You get all these benefits without having to even leave your desk. 


You have three options for following the Work is a Stretch program:

     1) Watch the video program on your computer.

     2) Listen to the audio program on your computer.

     3) Read the accompanying e-book to learn more about doing yoga in your office.


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