Yoga To Go for Kids DVD

Help your kids feel healthy, strong and confident, while having fun!

Our award winning Yoga To Go for Kids DVD offers a fun and safe yoga program that kids can do alone or with their family and friends.  Kids are actively engaged in this exciting yoga program, using their imaginations to learn simple yoga poses, while also learning about the benefits of those poses for their bodies and minds.

A parent and teacher tips section provides not only tips about doing yoga with kids, but also teaches adults how to help kids move in ways that will help prevent injury during any type of physical activity. 

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Yoga To Go for Kids helps kids:

  • Become stronger and more flexible through safe natural movements
  • Improve their coordination and posture
  • Improve their concentration and focus
  • Learn to listen to and take care of their bodies
  • Express their creativity and imagination
  • Improve their self-confidence - in yoga everyone wins
  • Use their breath to relax or calm down

Most important, yoga is a fun and healthy activity that can be practiced for a lifetime

"This entertaining video for kids makes fitness fun!  It's a great way to keep your kids fit, happy and healthy.  Yoga for Kids is very child friendly with superb teaching and easy to follow directions.  Your kids will love it!"  Debora Overstreet, MD Pediatrician

"I absolutely loved it!  This video would be a valuable part of any elementary teacher's collection.  The balance and coordination necessary for some of the poses is so very important for children this age.  And the instructor's joy of teaching yoga shines through in every move."  Sue Abacherli, Elementary Teacher

Total running time (40 minutes)

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